Do you work all day and can’t get home to take your dog out to get some fresh air, a little exercise, and a potty break?

Let’s talk about the advantages of in-home pet sitting over boarding. Fewer worries while you are away! 30 minute visits to not only take care of potty breaks, food/water and play time, but quality time to keep your pet company.

The best way to insure your pet maintains their routine in the safety and comfort of their own home.

Can’t make that grooming appointment? No worries. Carlee’s Doggie Taxi can get your pet to an appointment. We are here to help.

means no stepping in it when you are back home. No need to stress, we have it covered.

Your pets will enjoy staying in their familiar surroundings, where they feel more comfortable. All you do is tell us what they need and we do the rest! And the best part, the warm greeting you get when you return.


We know how difficult it is to leave your furry kids when you travel or even just go to work each day.  Carlee’s Cuddlers gives you peace of mind knowing that your pets, as well as your home, are being cared for by a reliable, professional pet sitter whose goal is to maintain your pets’ regular routine.

Pets are much more relaxed when in the comfort of their own home with the sights, sounds and smells they are familiar with. And that same routine while you are away is less stressful. There is something to be said for having the same environment within a paw’s reach.

At Carlee’s Cuddlers, we take the safety and security of your pets and your home very seriously. In addition to caring for your pets, we can also bring in newspapers, mail and packages, as well as door hangers. We can also switch out lights and blinds as directed to give your house a lived-in appearance.


Carlee’s Cuddlers understands how busy you can get so we’ve made booking easy just for you.