Hello, I’m Carlee!

Carlee’s Cuddlers is my very own business and will be there for you while you’re at work or out of town! I have been around animals my entire life and love everything about them. I’m very dedicated in making sure any pet is loved unconditionally and cared for the best possible way and I always want each and every animal to feel the same love as if they were my own. I do have my own fur kids! Our girls Clover, who we got in June of 2018 and Charlee in February of 2020, so we absolutely know how much joy and love animals bring to all families.

What makes me different is, I truly want to pursue a career that involves animals. I graduated from The University of South Florida with a business degree in Marketing and Management and would love to have the opportunity to run my own business involving all animals. This is the perfect start to making those dreams come true. There’s nothing more I want than being a companion to your pet while you’re away, so it would give me great joy to be able to be there anytime! For availability and pricing you can jump to my booking page here.